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“Make sure that whatever you choose to do, it is something that excites you, and is born out of a true passion. My business appears to be all glitz and glamour to the outside world. But on the other side of the television features and celebrity clientele...is the "grunt work". I have to design the pieces that you see, by hand, one tiny stone at a time. It is very demanding, and over the years the work has taken a toll on my hand and arm. But there is truly nothing else I'd rather do. Even though I have assistance from my designers, I still enjoy doing each one, and oftentimes it is difficult for me to let go and accept help because I enjoy it so much. I'm so excited to create each beautiful design, sometimes I can't sleep, because I want to see the finished product! I want to get it photographed and posted so that others can see it too...Passion for what you do is Everything. “ - Tori Torres, Entrepreneur

-Excerpt from The Posh Life; Guide To Becoming The Ultimate Entrepreneur

PoshLife was created for the person who loves to shine or "bling", and stand out in the crowd. Tori Torres, Owner of PoshLifeBling has done just that! Growing up as an only child in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, she was always described as "Eccentric". Loving fashion, art, and the freedom of creativity and self expression. As a stay at home mother of two little boys, Tori wanted to create a way to bring in her own income, while parenting her sons from home. The bling was the perfect way to use her creative energy and still do the most important job! Being a Mom to Cristian & Carmelo. PoshLifeBling is a mixture of love, dedication, extravagance, and drive that could only create the most glamorous designs ever seen on a cell phone. Tori has continued to create custom designs inspired by her personal creativity, and love of eccentric, over the top designs for over 14 years! PoshLifeBling has maintained their originality, with their unique style of design concepts, and has had the honor to showcase them with some of the most notable names in the fashion industry, including the Diane Von Furstenberg House of Fashion. 

November 24, 2009

......If the phone we carry is an extension of our personality, Posh Life will make sure you stand out in the crowd. Established in 2002 as the ONLY service for encrusting cell phone faceplates, Posh Life now upgrades your personal profile by enhancing that most treasured accessory with custom cell phone design. Posh Life almost instantly became the internationally known Brand Name for exquisite, glamorous, girly designs and Crystal Encrusting services. When you're ready to bring the bling as Khloe Kardashian  and Keri Hilson did with a phone makeover, Posh Life can get it done with designs that are sure to thrill when you witness the creativity at hand.


When we say makeover, we're not talking about smiley face stickers or glitter. Posh Life uses genuine Crystal Stones, Swarovski Crystal Elements...which means your biggest worry may be whether your phone will outshine your new dress. Creativity rules with Posh Life. 

The Emmy Awards

October 25, 2010

In fact, the only limitation to what you design may be your own imagination as Posh Life continually expands their creative palette, including inscribing names, crafting patterns, depicting favorite images and creating tattoo inspired visuals. While at the 2009 BET Awards Backstage Gifting Suite, to pay tribute to the King of Pop, Posh Life created a special edition cell phone faceplate of Michael Jackson, ordered by singer Monica in Jackson's honor. Posh Life isn't limited to phones either as these designs can adorn any number of items, including laptops, hats, and clothes.PoshLifeBling has created breath-taking designs for some of the industry's biggest names, with a celebrity clientele that includes Beyonce Knowles Carter, Ciara, Khloe Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Rihanna, Diane Von Furstenberg, Rick Ross, Paris Hilton & the Hilton family, Eva Longoria, Ryan Seacrest, Nene Leakes...and a long list of Musicians, Famous Athletes & their Wives, and other Television Network stars, like Big Ang of Mob Wives... Famous Bloggers & International Socialites trust our brand, as we were the first company to offer customization that did not require sending your products to be designed. PoshLifeBling has partnered with many of the Housewives of BravoTV to help brand their logos with customized Crystal designs, as well as their personal cell phones and accessories. Among them Nene Leakes, Lisa Vanderpump, Adrienne Maloof, Deshawn Snow, and Teresa Giudice. 

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About The Company

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"We all just Died!!! AMAZING!"
-Diane Von Furstenberg Fashion House

Posh Life Bling was asked to bring their Customized Crystal Cell phones, and Crystal Laptops & Accessories, and participate in several awards shows, including MTV Awards, American Music Awards (where we met Khloe Kardashian in person), The Steve Harvey Neighborhood Awards,  BET Awards, and the Latin GRAMMY's. PoshLifeBling is recognized as the leader in glamorous, celebrity loved, customized cell phone designs.

With each passing year, PoshLifeBling brings new and exciting designs that keep clients returningto see exactly what will we think of next...

Let PoshLifeBling enhance your brand, and most definitely, change the way you conversate!

Celebrities and Businesses choose PoshLifeBling for a reason...our quality and process is UNMATCHED. In business since 2002, PoshLifeBling has spent over 15 years perfecting the Crystallization process. PoshLifeBling offers quality, durable, long-lasting products to our clients. They return year after year for new covers...in fact, our covers last longer than most people keep their cell phones! We have unmatched service, quality, and notariety! Don't choose copycat companies, attempting to duplicate our style and secret bonding process - tried and true, trust PoshLifeBling to create a long-lasting product for you. Our product is trusted among today's top industry names- because there is NO competition.

PoshLifeBling has designed for customers worldwide, creating custom works of art on cell phones, clothing, shoes, laptops, hats, sunglasses, car logos, pimp cups, headsets, car hood ornaments and handbags with Crystals. Go from bland...to bling! Take the once plain, unloved cell phone and watch it evolve into one of our truly unique, glammed out works of art. For the professional "on the go", imagine your unique, intricate, fashion forward laptop completely iced out with Crystal Elements. Our designs are about a Lifestyle. PoshLifeBling Crystal accessories can turn the ordinary item into a thing of beauty...


Every single PoshLifeBling Original design...is a labor of Love and Passion for what we do.. All Budgets are welcome, feel free to email us if you'd like to have an item designed in Precsiosa stones instead of Swarovski so that we can offer you alternate pricing options.  Rest assured, shopping with us is the best choice for long-lasting products and a Lifetime Warranty with every order. The company that originally brought you the Customized Crystal Faceplate. PoshLifeBling...Where the Most Glamorous GIrls in the Whole World Get Iced.


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