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I must admit…I Love All things Girly & Glamorous…but even with my over the top nature…and this will be a total contradiction to what I just said, LOL…I require simplicity at the same time. Let me explain. I first designed the Cheetah print phone

to add the glamour and POP to my office. I love simple solid colors…my favorite colors being black, white, and pink. My office is decorated in a black leather sofa that looks out over a field of greens…a white& mirrored antiquish chest. And my office table is hot pink. I have my two zebra print accent chairs, not including my

personal desk chair which is the most fab zebra print ever. All of that is brought together by a subdued animal print rug from Brazil…Now, lol…I know this sounds like a lot. But it’s the exact opposite of that because of the consistent black & white monotone going throughout the room. That is how I kept the look simple…until I decided exactly what I wanted to complete the look… The first thing was bringing my most favorite color (pink, Obvvv ) into the room. I did this by taking my desk and having the color changed to a watermelon pink. This in the center of the room was Brilliant! I also have a Pink Velvet Mannequin stand with black lining that was brilliant to bring in… Still, the look was lacking….Sparkle!!! That is when I decided to bring in my other favorite pattern…Leopard/Cheetah print. And thus, the Swarovski Crystal leopard cheetah fade desk was created! May it bring as much happiness to your space…as it has to mine… XXOO ~Posh.Tori

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