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This has become my mantra…my slogan, my way of living. Since I was a little girl, I have always been the one to dress up from head to toe. I would have to blame my Gramalicious, because she would do these braids and beads in my hair once a week, and the beads would match all of my outfits for the week. As young as 5 I can recall this…So it is no wonder that years later, as a woman, I still have that sense of styling from head to toe (clearly omitting the matching beads).

#LiveGlamorous! is an idea that to me is not just for the rich and famous. You do it wherever you are in life, however that is represented to you. For me, it is waking each day with a positive attitude first. Once the boys have headed to school, taking on a few miles in my neighborhood…And finally, my favorite part…the “Glam Session”…going through my beauty regimen …finding my fabulous self through my dress, shoes, accessories, and handbag for the day… Through and through, I am a true Barbie, lol…dress me up, style me, accessorize me! LOL :) Call it vanity, OCD, whatever you choose to label it…for me it is the only way to Live…Glamorous my dears… All of that being said, when I purchased my new MacBook…there was only one design for me…


When you decide it’s time to add some “Glam” to your life…what will it be for you…? XO ~PoshTori

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