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The Posh Life, Guide to Becoming the Ultimate Entrepreneur

For quite some time now, I’ve been working on my book. But a few weeks ago, I was inspired to change gears, and start on something in a totally different direction. I felt it necessary to go back a bit, give a history on the beginning, before getting so far into the end, lol. Many, many women & girls of all ages over the years have asked me how I got to do this business of mine. It really is quite a fairytale story, and I have wanted to share it for some time. But beyond the fairytale,

there is possibility. Possibility not just for me, but for others with a small wish, and a growing desire for something more. A life without the daily demands of working for someone else’s dreams. But living each day on your own terms, and experiencing things beyond your wildest dreams. I wanted to do something different. To talk to you, as though you are the people closest to me. To give you actual, real, step by step ways to get you where you want to be. So many times I read information and it just isn’t helpful. This book is written to help others succeed in their online business endeavors.

I did it with a tiny, 2 piece phone case back in the day, so just imagine all the possibilities that await you! Thank You for your support, I hope it inspires you!

Keep Shining!

XO, PoshTori

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