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Glamour ReInvented

I’ve always been a believer that You should surround yourself with the things that make you happy. Having an Interior Designer & Professional Stager as a Mom certainly helped fuel that concept. She always says, when shopping for your home or boutique, buy the things you love. The pieces you just can’t live without. And they would magically just work.

And over the years, that is always how I’ve gone about filling my home & boutique spaces. With that in mind…I’d like to introduce to you our newest addition to the Crystal Desk Phones Home & Office Collection.

The Crystal Couture Desk Phone , Designed in Fancy, Swarovski Crystal & Crystal Aurora Borealis Stones…With Crystal Chains & Leaflets…It is by far, our most elevated and glamorous piece ever designed for the collection.

This Couture Desk Phone is a one of a kind, conceptualized by myself, and there is absolutely nothing like it anywhere in the world.

I hope you love it as much as I do!

Tell us how you decorate your spaces. Do you have a favorite pattern or color? How would you define your decorating style?

Keep Shining,


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