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Keeping Your Bling Bright, Tips...

To all of my blinging beauties, here are a few tips on how to care for your sparkly treasures!

1. Pocket Security.

I sometimes keep my cell phone with the case on it in the pocket of my handbag if I'm carrying a larger bag with a flap and big area for my phone to fit. My case is pretty massive.

This keeps it from shuffling around all over the inside of my large bag where everything else is kept. Rumbling around inside of a bag is a sure way to have your crystals come off sooner than you'd like.

2. Cute Pocket Purse

If your bag doesn't have a pocket that's large enough, try a smaller makeup bag, or pocket purse as I call them. I keep everything compartmentalized because I don't like my purse to be junky, with everything moving around. Ok, really I'm just a sucker for a cute little bag, lol! Beyond that, I like the inside of my bags to stay clean, so this option is a win/win! You will see significant results if you have been a shuffler!

Cleaning & Wiping - What to Use?

There are a few ways you can clean your phone.

1. Baby Wipes is a winner. Just a gentle wipe with baby wipes or a very lightly damp cloth will do the trick. But you will also need wipe it dry.

2. But my all-time favorite is a little acetone. I only recommend a little drizzle on a cloth . Do not use a paper towel or anything that will come apart. Don't use puff balls either, hair will be everywhere. Just add no more than a cap full to the tip of a hand towel, and a quick wipe will have your case shining all over again!

Avoid extremes!

Let's be clear...your phones will not melt or anything crazy like this. But leaving it in a place where it absorbs extreme heat will cause the glue to become "gummy" and slightly yellow. If you keep your phone in a little purse like I advised, you never have to worry about this :) Just try to avoid leaving it on a dash, with the sun blazing down on it for too long.

That's it! My little advice for ways you can extend the life of your items from PoshLifeBling. Hope this helps! Handle with Care!

Let me know if you find this to be useful with the care of your items!

Keep Shining!

XO, PoshTori

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