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5 Sparkly Things Every Glam Girl Should Have Handy...

1. Bling phone Case that expresses your personal style. Whether it's classic and timeless, or glitzy glam. If you're a #GlamGirlOnABudget, or a Posh Premiere spender, we make an effort to accommodate all budgets. The one thing we will

never skimp on, is quality of products brought to you. All of our cases are designed with Swarovski Crystal bases. We offer the Crystal Case Collection which all designs are made with the finest Swarovski Crystal Elements. The Look For Less Collection has a crystal base, with 3d glass, acrylic, or rhinestone components. You still get the delicious designs created by PoshLifeBling, with a price point that is more affordable. Each design is still completely custom made for you, handcrafted by PoshLifeBling.

2. Crystal Starbucks Cup for year round enjoyment! Our Starbucks 24 oz. tumbler

has become my favorite accessory! Even more than my cell phone! If you're a baseball mom (or football, soccer, lacrosse, basketball, golf, etc) this has been one of the biggest conversation starters while at games. Parents from our team as well as those we are competing against always have something to say that gets the conversation rolling! The Starbucks staff always get a kick out of my cups swell The cups themselves are fantastic because they work for hot

and cold drinks. All winter I filled my cup up with the hot Salted Caramel treat! Yum! The cups can be designed n 3 sizes, for more moderate tastes, or given an over the top makeover! Whatever your style, we can compliment it perfectly!

3. Crystal Keyfob. Your keys, like your phone, goes everywhere with you. So why not let it shine? We offer items for your key fob if you don't have an extra one to send for crystal services. Our Jumbo Bling Teddy's are so adorable as keychain or purse accessories! They come in various colors to accent your personal style.

4. Crystal Laptop or iPad/Tablet. One of my favorite accessories is my laptop. This is one item that I usually have the design done directly onto my macbook, so I think long and hard about what I'd like to see for the next...however long I will have that computer. I want it to be a representation of me. The great thing about laptop & tablet designs is that they add such a special feeling to the space in my office. My office is elevated by the design - it becomes a part

of the decor. I spend more time with my laptop than anyone or anything else, lol! So it's a special part of me. Although I move it from room to room, and sometimes go out to work at Whole Foods wine lounge, Starbucks, or Panera, my design has been perfectly in tact for the 2 years I have had it. They travel well! In fact, I purchased the very first iPad when it was released. I also designed that directly, and my iPad looks the same as it did all those years ago. So although the cost for tablets and laptops may be a little higher in range, you get ultimate bang for your buck! In fact...I guarantee that your design will last longer than the item itself does! With our Lifetime Warranty, the work comes with a guarantee for all design work done by PoshLifeBling.

5. Bling hairbrush or makeup brush. There's nothing like getting your day going

with some sparkle. If you are like me, the demands of work and motherhood can be quite exhausting! Building and maintaining a brand and customer relations, travel, dedicated time for my 2 sons, 3 baseball teams this can take a toll on you. I am a person who sees the joys in the little things. In a house full of guys, my sparkles really do make me feel feminine, girly, and glamorous. My bathroom is set up as my glam station, where I am surrounded by the things that make me feel special. So during my morning routine, brushing my hair and doing makeup with my sparkly brushes sets the mood for my day!

With our custom crystal hair & makeup brushes, you truly can rise...and shine!

Here's a few discount codes to build your personal arsenal of glam girl must haves!

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$25 off up to $250: 25off5

What's your favorite PoshLifeBling accessory...did we forget anything?



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