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Our Top 5 for Mom & Things to Consider Before Buying Bling...

So often customers ask for ideas on what they should get as far as designs, colors, etc. My advice is always the same. Consider your favorite colors - do you prefer all crystal to lots of color? Do you like big bling or flat designs? Designer elements? Is this a design you will keep for a long time or is it only for a special trip or occasion? And of course, the big one...What is your budget?

Once you consider these factors, then it's fairly simple to get to the design process. To help you choose a gift for this Mother's Day (or in the near future), I've configured a list of our top 5 most purchased designs- specifically for Moms, and one that should have made the list. :)

The fifth most ordered design for moms is Diamonds & Pearls, which I originally created for my own Mom. She is a die hard Prince fan (hence the name), and soon it became a best seller of clients looking for a great gift for mom. This design has been MIA for awhile, as we do change out designs every now and then for new ones. But it is now available in our Swarovski Crystal Phone collection once again.

All Star is number four. Another one of our classic designs, loved by moms of all ages. It is classic, but fierce. Embellished in cascading 3d Fancy stones & shapes.

Three on the list is Crystal Couture. This design is one of those that you can't really tire of. It's timeless, and although it is a flat design, you simply cannot deny the impact it creates. In addition, Swarovski now offers the flat shapes in many other color choices. So it can be designed in another solid color altogether, or fade effect from one color scheme into another. Or mixed as shown.

Add an initial or name for further customization.

Coming in at number two, Purple Velvet. Originally designed for HGTV personality & star of Donna Decorates Dallas, full of big, bossy bling!

Number one may not believe it, I couldn't when I considered all of the data, but our most ordered design for mom (specifically) is the Socialite Housewife. The design originally made for Teresa Giudice, pre incarceration, Season 2 of #RHONJ when she was fun and fanciful Tre.

This design sold into the hundreds when we first released it. It is the most sold of one design in a given year.

Understandably, the Socialite Housewife is very pretty with layers of Ruby, Fuchsia, and Light Rose Swarovski Crystal stones. It also features scattered, tear-shaped Crystal Fancy Cushion Back Swarovski Crystal Stones.

And our #6 pick. This one did not make our top 5 customer sales list, but it most certainly should have. Sometimes you have to see something in person to really appreciate how incredibly pretty it is.

I highly recommend it for anyone who is looking for the perfect gift to themselves, wives, aunts, sisters, besties, moms & moms in law too, this Mother's Day. Any one of these six designs are sure to gain you lots of cool points! One of my personal favorites - and a design that every person who's ever received it has swooned over it's effect in person - Rock Candy. This design in any color scheme, creates such a visually stunning piece.

That's it for now! Because all this talk about Mother's Day just around the corner, I've got to go and get started on my Mommie's gift!

Here's a little something to help you with your gift shopping. $15 off any Swarovski Crystal design all week! Use code: poshmom at checkout.

What's your favorite design? Which one do you think should have made the list?

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