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The #BeatsByDre Bling Giveaway

I'm awed and inspired by ambitious, goal-oriented people. Especially those that

didn't just wake up rich. People that kept at it, everyday, until they reached their goals. The Trump's and Jay-Z's, Steve Jobs and Oprah Winfrey's (and the likes). Titans on CNBC is one of my regular shows playing in my background while I work from my home office. It energizes me, keeps me focused, and inspired! Today I was watching with my new Beats by Dre headset...Of course, as with all of my accessories, they had to be Swarovski embellished in my favorite color, Light Rose AB.

So I got to thinking... it's getting closer to back to school time & here at PoshLifeBling HQ, that generally means a rush of new tablet and phone case designs (since last Fall, that would also include the Starbucks cups). I got to thinking that perhaps for the other highly ambitions, goal oriented, on the grind individuals who love their bling too, we should do a Giveaway!

So, I had my guys help me come up with a goal for this one. We are giving away 10 designs for the next 2 months (through September) for your #BeatsByDre headsets. The only requirement is that you send us an email (with a link to your Instagram and/or Twitter pages) telling us why you should be one of the winners. What goal are you pursuing? What's your daily routine to make it happen? We don't need a book, lol! Just tell us a little about you!! That's it! Your new #BlingBeats and You (if desired) will be featured on our Social Media pages. I'm looking forward to hearing about you...and so are my guys. They're gonna help me with this one :)

Email me!

Good Luck!

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