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#ShoeLoveisTrueLove When two of your favorite obsessions become one...

When two of your favorite obsessions become one...This March, we launch our Fabulous Footwear for PoshLifeBling Collection! We are giving you all sorts of sparkly, show-stopping, glam girl shoe swagger.

Meet the Crystal Clustered Gladiator Sandal from PoshLifeBling.

Pre-orders now available for late March deliveries.

Each month, our designs change, with 2 or 3 additions, a #CaseOfTheMonth, and we also expire old designs. New designs are usually introduced with a special discount, or as the

monthly special, because of availability in stocked inventory. It is always my goal to bring my fabulous clients the best products at the best price! And remember that all of your custom designed items from PoshLifeBling come with a Lifetime Warranty.

With each shoe design, I first this something I would wear? Next,will my customers be able to appreciate this design? And finally, will it invoke a passionate response? The rainbow fur boot causes so much commotion every single time I wear my pair outside of the house. I have to wear them only on days that I don't mind being stopped by literally every person that passes by! LOL!

That is the response I want for every single pair of shoes I design, and every pair we replicate in our factory. Although you may want to change elements of the design, such as color choice - that really just makes each pair even more special! I hope you are loving wearing your PoshLifeBling Fabulous Footwear, as much as I enjoy creating each and every design.



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