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Why every woman should aspire to be a Unicorn...

1. Because you are worth more than you know!

At its height, “unicorn horn” was literally worth 10 times its weight in gold. In 1560, German merchants sold a unicorn horn for an astronomical 90,000 scudi—then about £18,000—to the pope. Pharmacies in London sold powdered unicorn horn as late as 1741.

2. Royalty status!

Early unicorn heraldry can be found on the ancient seals of Babylonia and Assyria, but it’s most famously attached to Scotland’s King James III in the 1400s. Two gold coins of that era were even known as the unicorn and the half-unicorn!

3. Ultimate Power and strength is in your DNA!

According to Jewish legend, the unicorn can easily kill an elephant, a testament to its immense power and strength.

4. Because you were born to be wild and free.

It is said that even if the unicorn is captured, it can never be tamed.

5. Their beauty is vast, and comes in many colors!

Unicorns can be any color, from jet-black and brown to dazzling gold, brilliant red or pure white.

In the spirit of the Unicorn, here is a new, magical, dazzling design just for you magical, special, beautiful creatures!



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