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Back in the day...

Sometimes I come across something that takes me back to a specific moment in time. It can be a t-shirt, an old dress or pair of shoes...but today it was a photo.

Sometimes I can't believe that it has been 15 years since I started bringing things. And I know that others have a hard time thinking it's been that long, because a lot of the original designs I used to make are JUST coming back around! I mean, I see Hello Kitty designs everywhere now. And I was sued by them over a decade ago for making the Hello Kitty case (which I no longer make, lol!) But now I see them everywhere, and I'm like, really? I hope you're getting them too! LOL! Apparently, Sanrio was pissed off because I gave a clutch to Paris Hilton, which she included in her book, "Confessions of an Heiress". But I did not

sell it to her. And the image that we blinged out back then was a sticker, which I purchased. SO there technically was no infringement going on. I learned very quickly not to re-create brand logos! HAHA -But a great friend of mine who is a pretty big attorney told me back then, "you're nobody until someone sues you". So, I took it in stride, paid the fine, and life goes on; lesson learned. But it just goes to show you how long I've been at this, and how far my brand has come. For those who really don't think that the bling has been around that long, here are some images that I shot back in January & February of 2003. The Hello Kitty design became a huge seller; and when the RAZR came out, we would buy the phone wholesale, crystal them out, and sell the entire phone. That is how PoshLifeBling became a big player in the bling industry. We flooded the market with the phones, and they were everywhere! on tv shows, in the movies, and just in

everyday life. It's true...when work & timing come together, opportunity is created. Thereby giving PoshLifeBling the chance to be a leader in the cell phone accessory industry. We have been at this for 15, almost 16 years now. And with each year, my goal is to find new ways to excite our customers with the best products. Improve customer service and keep the customer satisfaction as the ultimate goal; that is how brand loyalty is maintained. And stay a few steps ahead with the most glamorous, custom products, at the most affordable price.

In hindsight, this business began because I wanted a product that I saw somewhere. And as a stay at home mom, we just couldn't spend the $1k for me to bling. So I decided to find another way to achieve my goal. I discovered phone housings 9because there were no cases or faceplates back then). Figured out a way to order them in bulk for the most popular phone, then, with the launch of eBay, began selling them to other girls who had the same love of sparkly, girly things. I always say it's time to move on and focus more on my other ventures; but I always end up here, discovering and designing more items for the PoshLifeBling customer. Because at the end of the day, this is my passion.

Stay Sparkly,



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